Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Clean Day Two

Today's nap time had me in the kitchen cleaning from ceiling to floor. I clean the kitchen every week so it wasn't too big of a deal but every time I deep clean a room I feel the need to move furniture around - and the kitchen is no different. Such a spring clean a few years ago resulted in the microwave being put up in the cabinets - I wasn't sure how Gar would feel about it but two years later and we're still cookin' in the cabinets. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a book of stamps not yet used and countless notepads - I curse the day I sent money to Environmental Defense Action Fund. I love what they stand for but ever since I sent money to them (to get a free tote bag and bumper sticker) I get weekly mailings for other environmental agencies - and along with those mailing - address labels and notepads. Oh if they only spent the money they use on the notecards, stickers, address labels, gift tags, water bottles, and the mailings themselves - those poor polar bears would still have their ice (I'm kidding of course). But how much money are they spending on these things. 

Another thing I realized while cleaning the kitchen - I have too many appliances - I have a steamer, a citrus juicer, four coffee makers (don't ask) , a waffle maker, toaster, crock pot, dicer, food processor, blender, and hand blender - do I really need all of these. For sure we have to have the steamer - that thing pays for itself (my baby is picky about his carrots) - but a citrus juicer really?! All of these things are taking up so much space and they are not being used. So am I going to get rid of them - certainly not - I'm going to find new uses for them so that they finally earn their keep. 

Tomorrow - we're on the the pretty room!

I am the happiest little shopper EVER. Soon my oddly 
small feet will be wearing these proudly. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Posts in One Day?!

Today is our first day of SPRING BREAK!!! We slept in, of course, and then had delicious pizza with some good friends. At said lunch I was scolded (nicely) about not updating my blog more often so I'm doing it twice in one day and promising more in the next few days.

K-Bug and I are determined to have a whole week of fun fun FUN! We're hitting the zoo, Hobby Lobby, the library, having friends over to play, and we're having our first sleep over ever (more to come on that one). But what do to during nap time you ask? Well Momma's cleaning. Each day I'm taking a different room and I'm dusting, washing, vacuuming, and organizing it. Today was the TV room and we definitely got off to a rocky start. Our laundry room (read closet) is in our TV room and the washer's on the fritz. I was super bummed and not at all excited about having a repair man out but he'll be happy to find out that the room is immaculate - no dust to be found there my friends. I just pretended I didn't have LOADS of laundry and I cleaned anyway - I will not be stopped in my spring clean efforts.

I always think I'm going to find amazing things that I've lost when I clean and be super excited about it. Today I found the following objects - three hangers under the ironing board, a picture frame, my high school journals, a pair of Gar's socks, and our poodle's favorite chew toy. I don't know which of those things I most excited about. K-Bug was very impressed with my mad cleaning skills!

More tomorrow as I take on the kitchen - I wonder what I'll find it there!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I read good! Warning - could contain spoilers.

I read - A LOT! People who know me (or are friends with me on Goodreads) know that I read at least five books month now - pre K-Bug I read two to three books a week. I often read so much that I forget the books I read the previous month. Though I have read some of the "heavy-hitters" or classics since graduating I have focused on leisure reading - mostly romance novels, popular fiction, and recommended books by my mom. I have not read a true classic in years.

I recently re-watched the movie "Jane Austen Book Club" which is based on a book. I decided to read the book but I wanted to read all of Jane Austen's books first. I've read Pride and Prejudice and LOVED it but I have not read her other books. Last week I started Persuasion. Usually I average at least 100 - 150 pages a day but when I stared this book I was only reading about ten to twenty pages at a time. I kept thinking - this is hard! I've had to slow way down to understand all the clever sultelness of Austen's work. Because I've slowed down I savor it more - I care more. Will Anne end up with Captain Wentworth? Will her sisters ever stop being so snarky? I love it! I cried at the end because I was so happy and so relieved for the characters (although the sisters never really get their come uppins (sp?).

After enjoying this book so much I decided to take more time in picking my books and take more time in reading them. I want this year to be filled with books that last a long time for me - ones I remember for years or even read again.

Are there books that you know that you will remember for years and years?