Thursday, May 8, 2008

Deep Breaths and Patience

Garrett is working tirelessly on our adoption portfolio last week and this week amid work projects and home projects. We started by choosing photos that we thought best represented our lives together. We chose pictures of us when we first started dating, pictures of our vacations, our family, friends, and of course our puppies. While going through the pictures I had this strange feeling like "wow, we really do have a great life." 

I think its important for us to remember that we started this family and our relationship is the foundation of the family that we are hopefully adding to. The adoption process is long and stressful and I am not one to be patient - I have a hard time waiting for the next issue of Martha Stewart's magazine. It is so hard waiting for our baby but I have to remember that we are going to have the baby we are meant to have. 

One thing that is helping me to pass the time is preparing our baby's room. While we, of course, don't know whether we will have a boy or girl we can do a lot ahead of time. I have chosen a gorgeous yellow (appropriately named "Cuddle" yellow) and have been getting the room ready to paint.

This is my first home project that I am attempting to do by myself and I am having to learn quite a bit. First of all - no project can get done in a day. I completely envisioned the whole room painted by the end of the first day. Garrett came home that evening to a very fussy and exhausted wife. All I had completed was washing the walls, sanding the woodwork, and fixing some trouble spots. The second thing I learned, and I think the most important, home projects should not be done in flip-flops. Some of you who know me well know that I love me some flip-flops. I have worn them in rain, snow, sleet and shine. This time the results could have been deadly. I decided to cut the carpet out (we're getting new carpet in a few weeks) so I could sand the baseboards and sliced into my toe with the carpet cutter. Blood was everywhere and I was none too pleased. 

Ultimately, lack of patience got me again. I wanted to get the room done and did not want to wait for Garrett to help me and all I ended up with was an unfinished room and a bandaged toe. This week I am trying to take deep breaths and remember - nobody got anything done being impatient and cutting off their toes to spite their face ????