Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year, New Decision

Nearing the end of last year we knew we needed to make some decisions about our adoption process (or lack thereof). We bandied about such words as foster care, international adoption, and Ibuprofen. We spent a good part of our recent vacation to Colorado talking about what we want to do next and we have finally made a decision. Africa, here we come (in ten to twelve months). 
We feel like this is what we are meant to do and we are so excited to share this process with our friends and family. Many of you know that this a direction that we have been leaning towards and what a lengthy process this has been to make this decision. 
So far we have looked into financing and feel comfortable that we have a few options. We have also chosen an agency and country in Africa (Ethiopia). 

Look for more blog posts - I want to keep everyone up to date on this amazing journey.

Lots of love!