Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Lovies #5

Gar - I love watching your dance parties with KBug - you surely know how to cut a rug! KBug - today you read me your Imagination Book from preschool - it was quite a tale and very dramatic - I see a Pulitzer in your future. Monkey - I don't like it when you're sick. And finally Weepies - I can not wait for your new album  - I think KBug and I will have to pre-order it. We love us some Weepies!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Surprise Vacation!

Last Sunday we went out for breakfast to celebrate Gar's first Father's Day and when we got home the house wasn't feeling very air conditioned - yep that's right - it was broke! So we packed up our bags and headed out west - a mile west that is - to my parent's house for a four day vacation. While there we had new and exciting adventures such as: KBug got to sleep on a blow-up mattress, we ate tiny popsicles (KBug was not impressed), and we even stayed up late and watched movies (Mema and Me that is). After four days of our Way West vacation we were ready to go home - KBug kept crying during the night and calling for us to come in her room (four or five times of this wears on a person) - so we were mighty glad to be home with our brand new air conditioner and our newly chilled home.

Because our Father's Day was somewhat hampered I didn't get to post these earlier but here are some good pics of Gar and KBug. She is certainly a Daddy's girl!!! We are lucky to have Gar in our lives - he dances on command, does wonderful Shrek voices, and he's always ready for fun!!! We love you Gar/Daddy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Lovies #3

Gar - Freckles needs a night out - maybe an Anchor date? KBug - Although I love your independent spirit I could use a little less Judy Additudy. Monkey - you are killing me with your fierce love - your headbutt/kiss is going to cost me my near perfect nose (its all I have!!!). June - I want to like you but you are sticky and hot and making my hair frizzy and uncontrollable.

Here's to a fun Father's Day weekend complete with cards, presents, swimming, bbg, and maybe a little rest!!!!
KBug and Monkey - watching Wonderpets - its fascinating!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today's Lovies #2

Gar - I am sad that Justified is over and I will no longer be seeing your mad dancing skills to the opening song. K-Bug - I loved what you said to me this morning - "You are just a special girl mommy and you are lovely" and I loved what you said to Uncle Jarred - "Sometimes, I just like to jump high all the time" Mema - thanks again for seeing me through day two of fussies. Apple Green Nail Polish - I may not be cool but I will be rocking you this weekend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today's Lovies #1

I have completely fallen in love with this blog and have decided to straight up copy it - I think it's a wonderful opportunity to think about the special things that happen in your everyday life. If you feel the need to copy that blog or copy me copying that blog - I totally think that's ok! I will call my copy creation "Today's Lovies" and here is my first one!
Dear Gar, I heard you empty the dishwasher this morning while I was sleeping and I am so glad I have a husband that thinks of thoughtful things to do that help my day go easier. KBug - thank you for explaining what to do when you sneeze and get buggers on your lips - you are truly a problem solver ("you just have to wipe them off but because they are gross"). Dear Boo-Boos (Addy and Luka) thank you for being the best nap buddies around, although I could use a little more space. And finally, Mema you are a godsend - thank you for taking us to breakfast and putting up with our fussies - we hate being sick but a good breakfast with Mema may have cured us!!!

Isn't she lovely?!

So today after a particularly wonderful Mommy Nap (don't judge me - I come from long line of nappers!) I wake up to discover KBug is deep in sleepyland herself - and let me tell you folks - you never wake a sleeping KBug!!!! I decided to use this unexpected pocket of time to update my blog and do something that Gar and I have been talking about recently - showing pictures of the cutie!!!! So here goes people - our first pic of KBUG!!!  

Here she is as the Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog - she's very scary right?! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Fun!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love cold weather so it goes to reason that I don't love hot weather - well that's true - I can't stand it. I've already escaped to Colorado once this summer already and I'm sure this is the summer that is going to do me in (I say this every year). I love, however, the idea of summer and like the bratty kid at school you just can't stand - you can learn to love something if you try hard enough. So this summer - I am going to learn to love summer.

KBug and I have been eating breakfast at a speed I didn't think was possible. Then we throw on our flip-flops and play outside until we just can't take anymore barking from the next door neighbor's dog - this is usually enough time for me to get a little sun and a little reading done and watch a whole lot of acrobatics on the new swing set (THANKS NANA AND PAPA ROB!!!!!). We later visited by the nephews and we are then back outside for more fun (and barking).  

Then my favorite part of the summer starts - summer reading. The library has a summer reading program where you keep track of the books the kids read and then they get coupons and prizes and lots of cool stuff. (Why do they only do it for kids?!?!?!) We found a great reading list and we are having tons of fun reading new books!!! Then I get to read my own books and I like that too!!! 

But I know that summer is going to get hotter and the days are going to get longer and I need to find other things to amuse KBug and myself during the day so we don't just veg-out and get bored. So this weekend, we begin swim lessons - we're both learning to swim and we're gonna like it - darnit! Stay tuned for more summer fun!