Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are you there baby?!

I have been substitute teaching this semester and I find myself fascinated by the students. My first experience was at a middle school and I came home that day inspired. I come from a long line of educators and my parents are natural teachers but I guess I forgot how much I like to teach. I gave guitar lessons for a couple years and I loved seeing my students learn something new. My first day I was surprised to find that the students thought I was funny - I guess my brand of humor really reaches teenagers (who knew). Since my first day I found lots of surprises. I was also surprised that there were things I did not know about popular culture. I, for example, was not sure what "brushing your shoulder off" meant, though I had heard it before. I had a student tell me she was brushing my shoulder off. When I went home that afternoon to look it up on the Urban Dictionary

My biggest surprise, however has been that I look at the students and think - could my child look like you, smile like you, treat others like you? I want so much for my future child and children but right now I would settle for just meeting him or her. When I am sub'ing at the schools I find so many wonderful kids that I just hope have a great family at home. Some of the students are so obviously loved and are secure with themselves. Others are detached and visibly lonely. If you seek those children out I promise they are happy to share with you and are desperately needing that attention.

Garrett and I are so eager to become parents. We have such a great time with our nephew and when he spends the night it is hard to give him back the next day (I'm sure Jarred and Michelle would let us keep him a bit longer - especially when he's teething). Recently we have set a date when we are going to being the international adoption. We are thinking March of next year. We have not given up on a domestic adoption but we want to have options as well. 

Well - that's it for now - hope everything is going well with everyone!!

We are off to Texas in a few days!!! My very first trip there and I am so super excited.