Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is it that time of year again? Anniversary!!!

If you have read last year's blog about our anniversary then you know that 1.) we follow the traditional gifts for anniversaries and 2.) we cheat horribly with it. This year is no different. With the crazy busy time of year that we chose to get married in the first place our anniversary usually gets a little lost in the shuffle but, add in a three year old that is just too cute and you've got a marriage problem on your hands. There are nights after we get K-Bug into bed that I sit down and think - Hey wait - wasn't there a rather attractive man I call "Boo" hanging around here somewhere. We really have to make an effort to spend quality time just the two of us - and that's hard when it's the last two hours before our bed time and we can barely keep our eye lids open.

This year is our big number 5 - that's right - we've been hitched for five years. I feel especially lucky because not only are we celebrating it as husband and wife but as a mommy and daddy as well. The fifth anniversary gift is supposed to be wood so during dinner the other night I asked Gar if he "would like to go to dinner with me" for our anniversary (I swear I never thought I could be this lame). It got a chuckle from Gar but K-Bug was not impressed. No gifts this year - just two hours alone at a restaurant that does not have a children's menu - we are too excited. Our WONDERFUL friends Todd and Hayley are watching K-Bug while we play grown-up.