Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pony Church

This Sunday our church held their service at a local camp. KBug usually LOVES church - the singing, the greeting, the praying, pretty much the whole bit. This weekend, however, she was excited to distraction about getting to ride a pony. Every couple minutes on the way to the service, during the service, at the potluck lunch, and after we heard her ask "Is it time for the pony?" "Are we going to ride ponies now?" Finally the moment came for the pony ride - I've never seen her so excited - and she walked up to the horse, Gar lifted her up, and they led the pony around. She rode up there like a pro! The rest of the day was filled with dreams of owning her own pony, naming it Sparkly, and finally at the end of the day she asked - "Are we going to Pony Church again?"

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